Placing Word Docs into InDesign

Prepping a Word Doc for Import into InDesign

Inline Word styles will NOT port over to InDesign. You must define each style in the styles panel.

Maggy a Word Doc

Cleaning Out Unused Styles from a Word Doc Placed into InDesign

  1. Place the Word doc into a temporary InDesign doc.
  2. Save the file as an RTF.
  3. Place the RTF version. All the unused styles will be gone.

Content Collector

Get Gradients from Ilustrator into InDesign

Deke McClelland (get gradients from Illustrator to InDesign)
  1. Create a bunch of shapes with the gradient swatches in Illustrator.
  2. Copy the shapes.
  3. Paste them in an InDesign file.
  4. Save the files as Gradients. Put it somewhere prominent like the Desktop.
  5. Choose load swatches in InDesign and browse to the Gradients file.
  6. Now you have the gradient swatches in your swatches panel.

InDesign Resources

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